By Xavier Porter

(July 16, 2020 – Brooklyn, NY)

Former WBA (Super), and WBC (Diamond Belt) Super Lightweight World Champion Regis Prograis is eager and ready to return to the ring, after experiencing his first career loss, as a professional, to current unified (WBA, IBF) Super Lightweight title holder Josh Taylor.

Regis Prograis vs Josh Taylor

In that fight, both men fought their hearts out, but it was Taylor who came away with the victory and a possible career ending eye-injury, given that Prograis closed and shut Taylor’s right eye with so many deadly, thudding, powerful punches.

Current Unified Super Lightweight World Champion Josh Taylor after facing/fighting former WBA (Super) 140lb World Champion Regis Prograis – Taylor will never fight again – #Facts

Taylor, the current unified champion, has yet to fight again, or take a rematch, with the man, known as the “ROUGRAOU.”

Moving forward with his first professional loss as a boxer, Prograis has continued to remain steadfast on furthering his career to the next level.

The next stop for Prograis was to face his arch enemy: former WBO Super Lightweight World Champion Maurice Hooker.

photo courtesy of Amanda Prescott via Matchroom Boxing

For Prograis, who both him and Hooker have been trading jabs throughout social media, as well as within each other’s respective camps, the plan was set for both men to fight on another highly Matchroom Boxing Card, promoted by promoters Eddie Hearn (Matchroom Boxing), Lou DiBella (DiBella Entertainment), and Dino Duva (Roc Nation Sports).

With the unfortunate, human, societal, and life changing deadly virus of COVID-19, not only did this fight not come through fruition, but many others in advance and later between the months, would not place either.

In speaking with Prograis, the former champion shared exactly what to place between both parties, as it relates towards trying to make the fight to happen:

“Hooker and I was supposed to fight at 140lb,” Prograis said.

“Then the Corona virus hit and him and his team wanted to make the fight at 143lb. Then Hooker said he can’t make 143lb and that he was going to 147lb.”

“Him and his team tried to dictate everything. They tried to call all the shots and run the table. I said let’s do it at 145lb; the fight fell out because we couldn’t come to an agreement.”

“I called him on face-time and hit him up on Instagram. Hooker is phony and fake. Yes, at the end of the day it’s business, but as a professional, we could’ve made the fight, but he didn’t want to fight.”

With news of former four-division world champion Adrien Broner expressing that he’ll be stepping back down to the 140lb division, and with both Prograis and Broner trading jabs on social media, Prograis had this to say about the former world champion:

“I’ve been wanting to fight Broner for a while now. I called him out years ago. He knows it; his team and everyone knows it. I believe it would be a fantastic fight.”

“The build up to the fight would be great because we’re both arrogant and confident. We both talk a lot of s@@@. We’d talk a lot of s@@@ to each other and the media, the fans, they would love it just as much as the fight. I would knock him out to settle it all.”

Prograis, who wants his rematch against Taylor, and was scheduled to face former WBO 140LB World Champion Maurice Hooker, who himself suffered a tough knockout loss to now unified WBC, WBO 140LB World Champion Jose Ramirez, understands the nature of the business of boxing.

“If I decide to take that road, in trying to fight Ramirez, I know it will not happen. I have fought on networks and on co-promoted cards.”

  • Showtime Boxing (DiBella Entertainment)
  • ESPN (DiBella Entertainment, Top Rank)
  • Matchroom Boxing (Eddie Hearn, DiBella Entertainment)


Regis Prograis WBA Super Lightweight World Champion – photo courtesy of Trull Photos and Team Prograis

“I know and understand how this game goes. I just want to fight again. I’ve moved back to Houston and I’m training every day, back on my grind. I’m getting good sparring too.”

“I have a new hunger. At 140lb, I feel like I’m the man to beat. I’m the face of the division. I might have lost to Taylor but I haven’t fought Ramirez yet. There’s a lot of talk in the media of me fighting this person and that person.”

“With everything that has taking place with the Corona Virus, I don’t know who I’ll be facing in the near future. For now, I’m just waiting for that call and letting my promoter (Lou DiBella/DiBella Entertainment) and my management team do their job.”

Prograis, who adamantly wants to finish “unfinished business” at 140lb and become a world champion again, shared that he has plans to move up 147lb in the future, in becoming a two-division world champion.

For now, the “Rougarou” must wait until a fight opportunity, and several others, presents itself, so that he can continue to work towards accomplishing his personal career goal (s).

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