By Xavier Porter | Brooklyn, NY | August 5, 2018

Last night, Eleider Alvarez (24-0, 12 KOs) of Montreal, Canada scored a shocking seventh round knockout victory over Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev (32-3-1, 28 KOs) of Russia to win and become the WBO and IBA World Light Heavyweight Champion. Fight fans who packed the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s Etess Arena were amazed and dazzled as Alvarez displaced tremendous punching power in a dominating performance against a fighter who himself had dominated his division as one point in time.

The same style that Kovalev used to become a four-time world champion is exactly what he faced in fighting Alvarez. Alvarez found success with his jab early in the fight, snapping Kovalev’s head back at times. Although Kovalev found his range and started to strafe Alvarez with pounding head shots from right and left, it was apparent that Alavarez was going to make it a long night for the former champion.

Both men would continue to trade punches for several rounds. The immediately shifted at two minutes into the seventh round where Alvarez delivered a perfectly placed right to the head which knocked Kovalev square on the canvas, where he landed on his buttocks. Kovalev appeared to be winning the fight up until this point.

Still dazed from the powerful blow, Kovalev managed to beat the count but was knocked for a second time with a combination of a left hook and a right hand to his jaw and head. It was at this time that the writing was on the wall as the crowd of 5,642 fans in attendance were in total shock of what they had just witnessed. Kovalev was knocked down for a third time by Alvarez, this time for good, as the ended the fight at 2:45 of the seventh round.

Most other opponents would have withered while under the assault of a heavy handed four-time world champion. Alvarez, however welcomed the storm and closed the show for good while possibly sending Kovalev into retirement.

Elieder Alvaraez – New WBO and IBA Light Heavyweight Champion

“I wanted to show him I’m strong, I have a good chin, and I’m ready for big things. On the knockout blow, Alvarez said “We practiced that punch during training camp, and that’s how it went … I always practiced that punch in training.”

Sergey Kovalev:

“I am on my way to the hospital to check my head, check my body … I feel OK. Thank you everyone, thank you very much. To all the fans around the world for your support. I love you, and I’m fine.”

Although Kovalev, there begs the question as to if he will push for a rematch given that there was a clause in the contract that guaranteed him such. This was a tough loss for the former champion. It would be a shame to see such a good fighter end his career on this note. For Alvarez, his stock has risen. He has become a hometown hero by winning one portion of the four major titles in his division. Main Events will go and continue to produce great fights and with a sold out crowd on Saturday, many are eager to see the encore for their next showcase.

As mentioned in a previous article the boardwalk of Atlantic City has tasted the blood of many fighter’s and now it has tasted the blood of Kovalev.