Tevin “The American Idol” Farmer – All the way up

By Xavier Porter, Brooklynfights.com

November 9, 2016

Brooklyn, N.Y. – On December 2, live at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA Tevin Farmer (23-4, 5 KOs) will make his return back to the ring to defend his NABF 130 pound title against Albania’s Dardan Zenunaj  (12-2, 9 KOs) in a 10-round matchup of super featherweights. Farmer has won 16 consecutive fights since while his opponent is coming off a unanimous decision loss from his last fight.

A loss in a professional boxing career does not determine a fighter’s talent and ability to fight. In some cases a loss can motivate a fighter to dig deep within himself and maximize his potential and. Farmer discussed his start in boxing and how the early losses in his career has helped him for the better.

photo courtesy of William Thomas Photography for Brooklynfights.com

photo courtesy of William Thomas Photography for Brooklynfights.com

“I’ve been boxing for seven years. I had sixteen amateur fights before I turned professional. I was an athlete all throughout school. I played almost every sport and I was very good. My brother boxed and I used to follow behind him every time he went to the gym. All the sports I played were seasonal so I decided to try boxing to stay active and to stay out of trouble. In the beginning I was playing around and just having fun with it. I started to pick it up quick and decided to turn professional.”

“The losses that I suffered early in my career were as a result of me learning on the job. I lost because I was tired. Not because I was tired physically, but because I was tired mentally. I wasn’t focused and giving the best that I have. At that time I had a short interest in the sport. A lot of times I took fights on a short notice. I don’t regret any of the losses because it’s made me become the fighter I am today.”

Ranked #3 in the U.S. as the best super featherweight Farmer continues to impress fight fans with solid performances, displaying a slick defense and rapid-fire offense. He’s highly regarded as one of the best southpaw boxers in the sport. With speed, quickness, and athleticism Farmer is often compared to IBHOF inductee Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker. Both men have won the NABF championship belt at 130 pounds. Farmer has plans on winning multiple world titles as Whitaker did in his career.

photo courtesy of William Thomas Photography for Brooklynfights.com

“My goal is to win a world title at 130 pounds and unify the belts,” Farmer said.

“Once I do that I plan on doing the same thing in the 135 pound and 140 pound division. I want to win multiples at each division that I fight in. I’m a gifted fighter. I’m only 26 years old and I’m still growing.”

Farmer shared his thoughts relating to the super featherweight division and possible opponents he may face in the future.

“I’ve called people out before to fight me and no one stepped up. Whoever wants to face me I’m willing to fight them. I don’t see anyone in my division that can beat me. I’m in a division where I can capture all the belts. Once I win a world title I’d like to fight Vasyl Lomachenko (current WBO super featherweight champion). He’s a good fighter and I respect him. He and I would be a good fight. Other than that I don’t see anyone else in my division that can match up with me.”

Farmer expressed his feelings on the importance representing the legacy of Philadelphia boxing.

photo courtesy of William Thomas Photography for Brooklynfights.com

photo courtesy of William Thomas Photography for Brooklynfights.com

“I’m born and raised from North Philadelphia so it’s real important to me to represent my city and Philadelphia boxing the right way. It means a lot to me to be regarded as one of the best boxers from my city. There are so many talented boxers from Philadelphia and I’m thankful to be recognized amongst them.”

After meeting with members of his team the game plan is in place for Farmer to take his career to the top. He is now on course with being considered one of the best fighters within boxing.

“I realized that I needed to step up my game. I realized that I have a gift and that things needed to be changed. I sat down with my team (Mark Cipparone, trainers Rashiem Jefferson and Chino Rivas) and we put a plan in place for my career.”

“I’m focused and determined on being the best fighter in the boxing. I dedicate all my time to boxing and I’m getting better. I’m not fighting just to be fighting. I’m fighting to be the best in the sport. That’s what drives me.  In order to be the best you have to work hard at it. No one is going to give me anything. I’m self-motivated to be the best.”

Under the promotion of New York based boxing promoter Lou DiBella (DiBellaEntertainment.com) Farmer continues win in impressive fashion. This past July he appeared on the undercard of the Leo Santa Cruz vs Carl Frampton championship fight at the Barclays Center where he defeated the previously unbeaten Ivan Redkach by 10-round unanimous decision. On October 14 at the 2300 Arena, he put on another display in out-boxing a tough opponent and while winning a unanimous decision. Farmer is steadily preparing for his next opponent and expects to continue his winning ways.

photo courtesy of William Thomas Photography for Brooklynfights.com

photo courtesy of William Thomas Photography for Brooklynfights.com

“I’m taking things one day at a time and getting ready for December 2. I don’t know anything about my opponent. I’ve never heard of him but he’s going to get the same thing that everyone else gets: the best Tevin Farmer. I’m coming to win. I plan to put on a good show for my fans. They motivate me and inspire me. I promise I will not let them down.”

Each time Farmer fights it’s exciting. With a win in his next fight he will be one step closer to fighting for a world title.

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