By Xavier Porter

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Currently, in life, people are dealing with world-wide spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus.

This deadly virus has affected us all, while taking away so many precious lives, legacies, legends, and memories.

However, this article is being presented in a different format, one of recovery from not the fighter, but also the fighter’s family and namesake.

Travis Kauffman, of Reading, (PA) is a fighter, a heavyweight fighter, who has no barrings on fighting who’s put in front of him on fight night.

Nicknamed “MY TIME”, it’s unfortunate that both himself, his son, the mother of his child, and his father have contracted the deadly COVID-19 virus, that has decimated so many lives across the world.

In speaking with the Kauffman, he shares how both himself and his family have overcome this deadly virus, with a supreme focus to return back to the ring, to fight for a world championship.

In speaking with Kauffman, he shares how he addressed his circumstances and took care of his health the best way possible.

Kauffman, the son of one of the best promoters in boxing Marshall Kauffman (Kings Promotions), shares how both himself, his father, his son and child’s mother recognized that everyone symptoms are different.

“I had the symptoms and decided to get checked out,” Kauffman said.

“I have three kids. I cannot leave the responsibility of the mother of my children to take care of them. I needed to find a way to take of myself and my family.”

“My son and my child’s mother were dealing with symptoms as well as my father. I realized that all of our symptoms were different. I changed my diet, added a lot of Vitamin C., and soup.”

“What worked for me may not work for everyone else who has COVID-19. Everyone’s symptoms are different.”

Kauffman (32-3, 23 KO’s) is eager to return to the ring, having last fought heavyweight title contender Luis “King Kong” Ortiz on (12/1/18), where he suffered a 10th round TKO stoppage, a fight that Kauffman shares he only trained a few weeks for.


Kauffman, of Reading (PA), shares that he has no problem fighting in front of fans or inside an arena with just the media.

“For me, it doesn’t matter,” Kauffman said, “I’m a fighter.”

“I’ll fight anyone. I’m thankful to have made the right decisions with the money I earned fighting Ortiz.”

“My family and I are still living off that paycheck; but going forward, I need to fight. Fighters need to fight to get paid. This is our only way of life. This is all we know how to do.”

“Thank you to Al Haymon for reaching out to check on me, my family, and my father.”

At this time, Kauffman is working hard on his health and focused on getting back to title contention.

“The division is open. Tyson Fury changed the game. He had Wilder’s number. The only way to beat Fury is to be on his ass. Just like Wilder, you have to be on his ass and have a good chin.”

“I believe the third fight will have the same result of the second fight. Mark Breland saved his life. Wilder has been successful in life, with that same boxing style. He started learning late and you can’t teach a new dog, new tricks.”

“But I have to say, Wilder can crack and anything remains possible. He hits so hard that when he hits you, you’ll forget your name.”

In closing, Kauffman, nicknamed “MY TIME”, remains managed by Al Haymon and Marshall Kauffman (Father) and trained by one of best world champion trainers in the history of Philadelphia boxing, the great Naazim Richardson.

Kauffman and his family are doing well with their recovery process, continue to wait, along with everyone else in the world, for this epidemic to be defeated.

If and when everything returns back to normal, expect to see Kauffman right on the front lines, fighting for another opportunity, towards becoming a world champion.

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