Bo Gibbs-1

Bo Gibbs (L) in his pro debut versus Jarred Kemp. (Photo courtesy of Randy Carr)

By Adam Ewing, Shawnee, Oklahoma, 12/21/15 – Bo “Hands of War” Gibbs Jr. (14-0, 7 KO) looks to extend his winning streak on January 9, when he takes on Delray Raines for the Oklahoma State middleweight title.

With a win, Gibbs would capture his second minor title this year. His first came in late January when he defeated Joseph Strong for the American Boxing Association (ABA) Mid Central Regional Super Middleweight Championship. Gibbs won that fight by unanimous decision (80-71, 79-71, 80-71g).

“Joe was a really good amateur,” Gibbs said. “On paper, it shows he doesn’t have a lot of experience, but he has some really good boxing skills. I was really aggressive, cutting the ring off on him, and being more effective the entire fight.”

Bo Jr., under the guidance of his father (Bo Sr.), has been putting in countless hours preparing for the first ten round fight of his career.

“The camp has been going great,” Gibbs said. “I have been getting in a lot of good glove work for this fight; a lot of good sparring. I’ve been working really hard in the gym with my dad. This is my first ten round fight, but I am more than ready to go ten rounds. I could go fifteen rounds if I had to.”

As Gibbs is in the final days of training camp, he looks forward to a tough opponent, Delray Raines.

“Delray is a tough guy,” Gibbs said. “He has fought a lot of tough opposition in there. His last fight was against Comanche Boy. He fought Carson Jones from Oklahoma, and he’s fought a lot of guys who are ranked in the world. He’s really durable, but I know I have the tools and what it takes to come out with the win come January 9.”

“I’m not looking past Delray at all,” Gibbs said. “One hundred percent of my attention and focus is all on Delray. I think about him when I wake up in the morning and before I go to sleep. It’s going to be a good win for us. I’m just ready to showcase all the tools and talents I have come January 9.

Raines vs Gibbs fight poster (Courtesy of HD Promotions)

Raines vs Gibbs fight poster (Courtesy of HD Promotions)

Winning another minor title would help boost Gibbs’ ranking, not only in the United States, it also puts him on the map as a legit contender for world titles in the near future.

“It would mean the world to me to win the state title where I’m from,” Gibbs said. “I have a big following here in Oklahoma. Come January 9 the Firelake Arena is going to be packed with Bo Gibbs fans; it’s going to be electric.”

HD Promotions is lucky to have a bright young prospect in the midst. The next generation of Oklahoma based contenders begins with Gibbs.

“Bobby Dobbs and HD Boxing has done a great job of promoting this fight,” Gibbs said. “He’s done a great job with a lot of local talent here in Oklahoma, and I’m excited to fight for him and showcase my skills. I’m just excited altogether about January 9, and what we are going to do in the future.”

Looking toward the 2016 calendar year, Gibbs remains focused on his ultimate goal.

“In 2016 you can expect me to be a lot busier,” Gibbs said. “Just keep on building my record and getting closer to my dream of becoming a world champion.”