Yurik Mamedov: I am Yezidi

By Xavier Porter, Brooklynfights.com

October 22, 2017

Brooklyn, N.Y.

For some people boxing means everything to them. It’s their passion, it’s their driving force to live, and it’s their way of life. Some men box for fun; some fight to earn money, and some people box not only for championship glory but for the people who fight every day in their homeland against tyranny, threats, and death.

Yurik Mamedov wants to bring awareness of what’s taking place with his people by bringing it to the forefront through his boxing. Mamedov is not only fighting because he loves to box, he’s also fighting to give the Yezidi hope and to be a voice to shed light on the struggles that is taking place daily with his native people.

“I want to be the voice of my people,” Mamedov said, “Boxing gives me the opportunity to speak up for my people.”

“My goal is to be the first Yezidi world champion. The Yezidi is a small population of people. My main motivation is to fight for my people. My people have been terrorized for years by Turkey and now by Isis.”

“They push us to become Muslim but our people stay true to our religion. We believe in God, we believe that there’s one God for everyone. We believe in the Sun. Isis has been killing our people; they’ve been killing us for so many years. Simply put I fight for my people, for the voice that needs to be heard.”

Mamedov works hard and has sacrificed so much throughout his life. Born in Russia, having lived in Armenia, and growing up in France, Mamedov has come face to face with the harsh realities of life.


“When I lived in France it was tough,” Mamedov said, “I used to fight every day.”

“I lost teeth in a lot of street fights. I was the only guy from Yezidi living out there. It was just me, my younger brother, and my younger sister, and I had to protect them. The French people were tough on us because we didn’t speak their language originally.”

With a record of 2-0 the 25 year-old Mamedov is a well-traveled boxer with an extensive amateur background.

“I’ve been boxing for 7 years,” Mamedov said, “I didn’t choose boxing, boxing chose me.”

“I came to New York City 5 years ago. I came here to continue my boxing career. I used to box in France. My former coach in France (Malek Ikhenach) knew my current manager (Simon Bakinde) and that’s how we met. I came here for two weeks and then I decided to stay here to train. I fought in the Golden Gloves and the Silver Gloves and now I have a management team supporting me (4P Management Team).”

“At 19 years old I gave up everything and moved to New York City to continue with my boxing career. At first my family thought I was making a mistake. Once I turned professional they realized that this is my job now and not just a hobby. My family has been very supported of my transition with becoming a professional fighter.”

Mamedov, who trains out of Mendez Boxing Gym, understands the importance of having a successful career and the many things that can from it.

“My success is the voice of the Yezidi people,” Mamedov said.

“The more successful I am the more the voice for Yezidi will be heard around the world. That is my reason for being here. That is my reason for boxing.

“I have to be careful when I fight. I have everyone depending on me and counting on me to win. Like I always say don’t be sorry, be careful. I follow the mantra: think before you act, don’t act before you think. I’m focused and my goal is be sharp in the ring.”

Mamedov, a personal trainer and student living out of Brooklyn, N.Y., is combining his skill, training, and studies to ensure that he has a successful career.

“As a fighter you have to do your homework,” Mamedov said,” you have to think before you act, don’t act before you think.”

“The reason I choose to be a personal trainer is to teach people what I’ve learned about fitness. I don’t want to have a second job because it will distract me from what I need to do. By teaching people how to box it keeps me in my zone. As a student I’m taking classes for business management; I like finance and the stock market. I’m focusing on my career and planning for my future after boxing.”

“In boxing you have to present yourself well. You have to be marketable. I speak five languages (English, French, Russian, Armenian, Kurmanji). Now I’m learning how to speak Spanish because boxing is very popular in Spanish speaking countries. A great way to understand people is to speak their own language and I speak the language of boxing.”

Yurik Mamedov with WBC, WBA, IBF, IBO middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin

Mamedov, who currently fights within the super lightweight division at 140 pounds, will be fighting at a higher weight for his next scheduled fight, a 4-round fight taking place in November. Mamedov plans to allow his career take its course.

“For this fight I am fighting at 147 pounds,” Mamedov said.”

“My next fight I will be fighting at 140 pounds. My goal is to be able to fight at 140 pounds, 147 pounds, and then gradually move up to 154 pounds.”

“I am fighting on the November 12 card and on the December 3 card. If I can fight on Christmas day I would fight on that day also.”

Through all the sacrifices and hardships that Mamedov has endured he continues to persevere and represent the will and determination of his people to achieve more in life.

“I want to thank my family who have supported all these years,” Mamedov said.

“I want to thank my New York family and team. I have a lot of support from my New York Team. I want to thank my Yezidi people. They always support me. Every time I fight they come out to support me.”

To continue to support Mamedov you can come out to see him in his next fight, a scheduled 4-round bout taking place on November 12, 2016 at the Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City. For tickets to this event contact: www.risingpromotions.com.

You can also follow Mamedov at:

Twitter: @YurikMamedov

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